Hello, I'm Anthony Guidetti!

I’m a video-maker and content-creator with a Communications Film and New Media Bachelor's degree. I am fascinated with all things tech, media, and what's next!

I have been working with video for over ten years. I have:

  • Technical Directed many live shows for my high school and college productions.

  • Produced, directed, and edited effective video created in a short time frame for clients and projects.

  • Worked with clients to deliver a video on-time, exceeding expectations.

I have also done work with graphic design. I have:

  • Won awards for my work, one for a high school club logo, and one was picked for a book cover design.

  • Delivered 3D graphic videos used as introduction videos for YouTube series.

  • Restored scratched and faded photographs for family and clients.

I have been active online as well. I have:

  • Created, maintained, and produced content for several technology and blog websites reaching a peak of 2,000 hits per day.

  • Edited, uploaded, and analyzed videos to YouTube reaching over 100,000 views across several YouTube channels.

  • Worked with clients online to create custom and sponsored blog posts, graphics, and presented in videos.

I love working with media and technology and hope to create new things with you!